Our Mission

Helping Families Affected by Cancer.


The Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation is rooted in the ideals of Josette Beddell, who lost her battle with cancer but lived her life working to better her community and always giving a helping hand.


Our Impact

Breast Cancer doesn't just affect the patient, it affects the whole family: physically, emotionally, and financially. The Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation stands to honor Josette and all the strong women and families who have experienced challenges and lifelong changes because of this disease. We provide financial grants, college scholarships, and "well wishes", through fundraising events and volunteer work. To share hope, provide support, and be a light in dark times for those battling breast cancer is our goal.  



Dollars Raised

The Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation has given out over $300,000 in grants and scholarships to local families that are dealing with or have dealt with breast cancer. 



Years Serving the community

Since forming as a non-profit in 2010, the Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation has been a staple in the Northeast Ohio region, giving back to the same community that supported Josette during her battle with cancer. 



GRANTS & scholarships given

The goal of the Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation  is to make a positive impact on our community. We offer financial assistance and emotional support through Financial Hardship Grants, College Scholarships, and our ‘Well Wishes’ campaign.


The path I’ve traveled has led me to meet so many people willing to support and help others in our community. I am forever grateful for each and every person who has joined our mission.

- Mary Beddell



Get Involved

Members of the community can help support our cause by attending one of our events, volunteering your time, being a corporate sponsor, or making a donation. Each hour volunteered, each donation given no matter how small or large, and each corporate sponsorship whether a family-owned local enterprise or a large corporation helps allows us to directly impact those in need. We could not do it without your assistance.


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All proceeds from our events go directly to local families via financial grants or scholarship awards.

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Through the generosity of our sponsors, donors and volunteers, we are able to accomplish our mission.